How to apply this resource pack

  • Practice Materials

    Use the four practice videos and audio meditation for variety and customization of your practice.

  • Student Manual

    Use the student manual to learn more about each posture and refer to the resource articles to expand your knowledge of yoga.

  • Research Evidence

    Use the science lecture to share with your health care team to keep your practice safe and appropriate for you.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    YFA The Research Evidence
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    • YFA the Research Evidence Video
    • YFA the Research Evidence Notes
  • 02
    Guided Yoga Classes by YFA Team
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    • Yoga Class Guided by YFA Team
  • 03
    YFA Practice Class - Wall
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    • YFA Wall Practice Class
  • 04
    YFA Practice Class - Chair
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    • YFA Chair Practice Class
  • 05
    YFA Practice Class - Hatha
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    • YFA Hatha Practice Class
  • 06
    YFA Practice Class - New York City Style
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    • YFA NYC Style Practice Class
  • 07
    YFA Guided Relaxation Meditation
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    • YFA Guided Relaxation Meditation
  • 08
    Loving Meditation (Metta Meditation)
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    • Metta Meditation guided by Steffany Moonaz
  • 09
    YFA Student Manual
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    • How to Download Student Manual EBook

What's Included

What's in each part of this bundle

  • The development and results of the Yoga for Arthritis protocol.

  • In this YFA Wall Class, you will have an opportunity to try some familiar poses in a new orientation that may change your experience or perspective!

  • Chair Classes make yoga accessible for those who are unable to get up from the floor or don't feel comfortable doing so.

  • The Hatha Class follows the basic model of our research classes, which have been associated with improved arthritis symptoms, better mood, enhanced physical fitness, and bolstered quality of life.

  • The NYC class structure begins in a restorative pose to engage the Relaxation Response and help students easefully transition into connection with breath and movement.

  • Join Dr. Moonaz as she leads you through progressive muscle relaxation and invites you through a sweet and gentle body scan to relax your whole body from head to toe!

  • The YFA student manual includes images and descriptions of poses and modifications used in the Yoga for Arthritis 8-week series, along with supplemental articles.

Yoga Practitioners Pack

  • Founder and Instructor

    Dr. Moonaz is a yoga therapist and researcher in Baltimore, MD and serves as Director of Clinical and Academic Research at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. . She spent seven years at Johns Hopkins University, helping to develop and evaluate a yoga program for individuals with the chronic diseases of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which became the basis for her PhD in public health. Along with an ongoing research collaboration at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Moonaz is working to bring yoga to people with arthritis in communities around the country, as well as educating yoga teachers and yoga therapists about the unique needs of this population. She currently leads Yoga for Arthritis teacher training programs nationwide and serves as a mentor for several emerging researchers who are working to study the effects of yoga for various health conditions. Her Arthritis-Friendly Yoga DVD, produced by the Arthritis Foundation, has been their best-selling product since its release in 2013. Her book, Yoga Therapy for Arthritis: A whole-person approach to movement and lifestyle, will be released by Jessica Kingsley Publishers later this year.

    Dr. Steffany Moonaz


Private Sessions

  • Private Group Lesson with Dr. Steffany Moonaz


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