Bridge Course Information

  • Who this Course Serves:

    This course allows those who have completed the Yoga for Arthritis Introductory Course to obtain the complete Level 1 Yoga for Arthritis Training credential. This course serves to bridge the gap between the content covered in the Intro Course and that of the full Level 1 training.

  • What is Cover:

    Topics in this Bridge Program include YFA Sutras, Integrative Health & Koshas, Working through the Koshas, Business of YFA, and YFA Practice Lab.

  • How this Course Works:

    The self-paced format allows students to complete the content in their own time, but with the support, feedback, and interaction with Yoga for Arthritis faculty and staff.

  • Why Take this Course:

    This option will be available for a limited time and may only be completed by yoga professionals who have already taken the Introductory Course. Students have one year from the time of purchase to complete this course. Anyone completing this course is eligible for the full 34 CEUs (Intro Course + Bridge Program) through Yoga Alliance and/or IAYT and can also continue on to the Yoga for Arthritis Level 2 Mentored Practicum training.

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to YFA Bridge Course
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    • Welcome to the Yoga for Arthritis Bridge Course
    • YFA Bridge Course Contact Sheet
    • YFA Training & Teacher Manuals
  • 02
    YFA Sutras
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    • YFA Sutras Lesson
    • YFA Sutras Discussion Board
  • 03
    Integrative Health & Koshas
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    • Integrative Health & Kosha Lesson
    • Integrative Health & Koshas Discussion Board
  • 04
    RA Experience
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    • RA Experience Comic & Discussion Board
  • 05
    Know Pain
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    • Know Pain Article & Discussion Board
  • 06
    Vijnyamaya Kosha
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    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Lesson
    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Discussion Board
    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Quiz
  • 07
    Anandamaya Kosha
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    • Anandamaya Kosha Lesson
    • Anandamaya Kosha Discussion Board
    • Anandamaya Kosha Quiz
  • 08
    Compassion in Action
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    • Business of Yoga for Arthritis Lesson
    • Business of Yoga Discussion Board
    • Compassion in Action Lesson
    • Compassion in Action Quiz
  • 09
    Practice Lab
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    • Practice Lab Lesson
    • Practice Lab: Upload Recordings & Rubric
    • Practice Lab Reflection
    • Practice Lab Discussion Board
  • 10
    Sample Classes
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    • YFA Chair Yoga
    • YFA Hatha Yoga
    • YFA NYC Yoga Class
    • YFA Wall Class
  • 11
    Post Training Material
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    • Post Training Information
    • YFA Bridge Course Evaluation

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