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Examples of what we can cover

1 Hour Session

  • Arthritis Self Care Consultation

    This type of session can be most helpful when facing a new diagnosis, change in symptoms, an arthritis-related challenge, or renewed will to make changes in your relationship to arthritis. Through education, coaching, and guided inquiry, these sessions can help you to find clarity and peace with your arthritis and to develop a plan for improved lifestyle management.

  • Yoga Therapy Session

    This session is for one-on-one remote yoga therapy with Dr. Moonaz. During this session, I can guide you through yoga practices and provide tools and guidance for your own home practice.

  • Yoga Professionals Consultation

    This session type is for yoga teachers and yoga therapists who work with arthritic populations. This time can be used to discuss a specific student/client, to improve collaboration and communication with other health professionals, to get feedback or guidance about messaging, plan a workshop, or discuss career plans.

Course curriculum

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    • Schedule Group Lesson with Dr. Moonaz

Private Group Lesson

1 Hour Group Lesson with you and your friends led by Dr. Moonaz