This training program trains yoga teachers to safely and effectively impart rigorously researched yoga practices, with individually-tailored modifications, to those with arthritis and related conditions.

Prerequisite: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga for Arthritis was developed by yoga researcher and arthritis expert Steffany Moonaz, PhD, along with an interdisciplinary team, including rheumatologists, psychologists, public health researchers and yoga therapists. Combining ancient yoga practices with modern medical knowledge, this program offers modifications to address the unique abilities and limitations of persons with arthritis. In a 7-year randomized clinical trial at Johns Hopkins University, the program’s participation was associated with improved arthritis symptoms, physical fitness, psychological functioning and quality of life. Such evidence is vital for bridging the integrative yoga world with medical healthcare, making these practices more accessible to those who really need them. This training program trains yoga teachers to safely and effectively impart rigorously researched yoga practices, with individually-tailored modifications, to those with arthritis and related conditions.
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As a result of taking this Yoga for Arthritis teacher training program, participants will be able to:

  • Teach Yoga for Arthritis classes in their communities

  • Work individually with arthritic clients of all ability levels

  • Offer modifications for joint limitations and chronic pain

  • Understand joint anatomy and pathophysiology as related to arthritis in depth.

  • Become familiar with the most common arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, etc.

Training Information:

This Level I training is fully online and at your own pace. That being said, you will still be supported by Yoga for Arthritis faculty and staff throughout your journey. The program includes recorded lectures, slides, research articles, quizzes, reflection questions, activities, and assignments. You must complete all elements of the course to receive a certificate of completion and professional CEUs. After completing this Level I training, you are qualified to teach the evidence-based Yoga for Arthritis program in your community. Also, you will be eligible to continue toward Yoga for Arthritis certification, which includes Level II mentorship & Level III training, both available online. These steps are recommended for anyone wishing to specialize in work with this population, work with private clients, or provide Yoga for Arthritis in healthcare settings. Prerequisite: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training


CEU's - While the parameters for online CEUs is in flux, the numbers below are the most current available information: Yoga Alliance: 34 hrs; IAYT: 34 hours; Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA): can provide you a CE certificate with your program's total contact hours for a $10 fee (free for IYTA members); Integral Yoga 300-hour: 34 hours towards RYT 500 designation; Phoenix Rising: 34 hours (please contact PRYT for details); Integral Yoga Therapy: elective course

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Pre-Training Items
    Show details
    • Learning Objectives & Burning Questions
    • Completion Certificate Information
    • Arthritis & Kosha Interact
    • Arthritis Quiz
    • YFA Training & Teacher Manual
    • YFA Level I Training Contact Sheet
    • Stay Connected to other Yoga for Arthritis Teachers & Members
    • Arthritis Friendly Yoga Content
    • Yoga Therapy for Arthritis Book
  • 02
    YFA Sutras
    Show details
    • YFA Sutras Recording
    • YFA Sutras Document
    • YFA Sutras Discussion Board
  • 03
    Integrative Health & Kosha
    Show details
    • Integrative Health and Koshas Recording
    • Integrative Health and Koshas PowerPoint Slides
    • Integrative Health & Kosha Discussion Board
  • 04
    YFA Research Evidence
    Show details
    • YFA Research Evidence Recording
    • YFA Arthritis Research Evidence PowerPoints
    • YFA Research Evidence Articles
    • YFA Research Evidence Discussion Board
    • YFA Research Evidence Quiz
  • 05
    Annamaya Kosha
    Show details
    • Anatomy and Pathophysiology Recording
    • Anatomy & Pathophysiology PowerPoints
    • Anatomy and Pathophysiology Quiz
    • Anatomy and Pathophysiology Discussion Board
    • Common Modifications Recording
    • Common Modifications PowerPoints
    • Common Modifications Quiz
    • Common Modifications Discussion Board
    • Working with Mixed Abilities Recording
    • Working with Mixed Abilities PowerPoints
    • Working with Mixed Abilities Quiz
    • Working with Mixed Abilities Discussion Board
    • Yoga and Joint Replacement Recording
    • Yoga and Joint Replacement PowerPoints
    • Yoga and Joint Replacement Quiz
    • Joint Replacement Discussion Board
    • Blank Knee Joint Anatomy Diagram
    • Joint Anatomy Quiz
    • Annamaya Kosha - Cleveland Clinic Chair Yoga
    • Annamaya Kosha Article: Yoga-Related Injuries in the United States from 2001 to 2014
    • Annamaya Kosha Article: Thigh Muscle Strength Predicts Knee Replacement Risk Independent of Radiographic Disease and Pain in Women: Data from the Osteoarthritis Imitative
    • Annamaya Kosha Article: Yoga in Sedentary Adults with Arthritis Effects of a Randomized Controlled Pragmatic Trial
    • Annamaya Kosha Article: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Chair Yoga on Pain and Physical Function Among Community – Dwelling Older Adults with Lower Extremity Osteoarthritis
    • Annamaya Kosha Article: Stretching Impacts Inflammation Resolution in Connective Tissue
    • Annamaya Kosha Article: The Safety of Yoga A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
    • Filled In Knee Diagram
  • 06
    Pranayama Kosha
    Show details
    • Pranayama Recording
    • Pranayama PowerPoints
    • Relaxation Response Video
    • Pranayama Reading: Fatigue in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
    • Pranayama Reading: Unique Autonomic Responses to Pain in Yoga Practitioners
    • Pranayama Discussion Board
    • Pranayama Quiz
  • 07
    Manamaya Kosha
    Show details
    • Manamaya Kosha Audio Recording
    • Meditation for Chronic Pain PowerPoints
    • Meditation for Chronic Pain Recording
    • RA Experience
    • Know Pain
    • Manamaya Kosha: Feasibility and Assessment of Outcome Measures for Yoga as Self Care
    • Manamaya Kosha Reading: Fear of Movement in Osteoarthritis
    • Manamaya Kosha Reading: The Relationship between Beliefs and Pain and Functioning with Rhem. Conditions
    • Manamaya Kosha Reading - Yoga Practice Improves Executive Function by Attenuating Stress Levels
    • Manamaya Kosha Discussion Board
    • Meditation for Chronic Pain Quiz
  • 08
    Vijnyamaya Kosha
    Show details
    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Recording
    • Arthritis Thru the Life Stages PowerPoints
    • Application of Yogic Principles PowerPoints
    • Viynyamaya Kosha Reading: Mindfulness Meditation A Primer for Rheumatologists
    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Reading: Yoga in Rheumatic Diseases
    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Discussion Board
    • Vijnyamaya Kosha Quiz
  • 09
    Anandamaya Kosha
    Show details
    • Anandamaya Kosha Recording
    • Anandamaya Kosha Reading: Daily Spiritual Experiences of Older Adults With or Without Arthritis and the Relationship to Health Outcomes
    • Anadamaya Kosha Reading: Yoga Research and Spirituality - A Case Study Discussion
    • Anadamaya Kosha Reading: Toward an Explanatory Framework for Yoga Therapy Informed by Philosophical and Ethical Perspectives
    • Anandamaya Kosha Discussion Board
    • Anandamaya Kosha Quiz
  • 10
    Compassion in Action
    Show details
    • Business of YFA Recording
    • Business of YFA PowerPoints
    • Business of YFA Trifold
    • Business of YFA Reading: Yamas and Niyamas in Business
    • Business of YFA Discussion Board
    • Compassion in Action Recording
    • Compassion in Action: IAYT Information
    • Compassion in Action: IAYT Ethics
    • Compassion in Action: Competencies for Marking Your Local Practice a Respected and Recognized Therapy
    • Compassion in Action Reading: Consortium Pain Taskforce White Paper Summary
    • Compassion in Action Quiz
  • 11
    Practice Lab
    Show details
    • Practice Lab Instructions
    • YFA Practice Lab Sheet
    • YFA Photo and Video Release Form
    • YFA Waiver
    • YFA Intake Card
    • Practice Lab: Guidelines for Yoga Therapy Online (for reference and guidance)
    • Practice Lab: How to Upload Your Practice Lab Assignments
    • How to Use Zoom
    • Practice Lab: Upload Recordings and Rubric Here
    • Practice Lab: Upload Reflection
    • Practice Lab: Discussion Board
  • 12
    Sample Classes
    Show details
    • YFA Chair Yoga Class
    • YFA Hatha Yoga Class
    • YFA NYC Yoga Class
    • YFA Wall Class
  • 13
    Post Training Material
    Show details
    • Post Training Note
    • Training Evaluation
    • Next Step in Your YFA Journey

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