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  • 60 Minute Practice led by Dr. Steffany Moonaz. She breaks down the postures and provides a yoga practice for those who have arthritis or achy joints.

  • Through this practice, the practitioner will find ways to ease pain, gain strength and flexibility, and improve well-being in the comfort of your way home or yoga space.

  • Once you purchase this online practice, you can practice along at any time. You will have access to the practice at any time, anywhere.

What's Included:

• An introduction by yoga and arthritis expert Steffany Moonaz, PhD • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) • Sequence of 10 yoga poses • Step-by-step demonstrations showing modifications to protect your joints • Sun Salutation to keep your body energized and moving • Relaxation and meditation to calm your mind and ease your pain
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Arthritis Friendly Yoga DVD Content

Topics and Practices covered within the Online DVD

  • 01
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    • Introduction
  • 02
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    • 1. Who is this video for
    • 2. How do I get up and down from the mat
    • 3. What props and equipment do I need to practice yoga or to modify poses
    • 4. How should I dress to practice yoga
    • 5. What time of day should I practice yoga
    • 6. What if I feel pain
    • 7. How do I know I'm doing the poses correctly
    • All FAQs Answered
  • 03
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    • Knees
    • Hips
    • Shoulders
    • Neck and Spine
    • Hands and Wrists
    • Feet and Ankles
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  • 04
    Sun Salutation Instructions
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    • Sun Salutation Instructions
  • 05
    Full Practice
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    • Full Practice With Intro
    • Full Practice Skip Intro
  • 06
    Sun Salutation
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    • Sun Salutations
  • 07
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    • Relaxation

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