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Level I Installment Price

Valued at $1,350. Three payment installments

This course combines three levels of Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain Training for a total of 101 total hours, consisting of 65 contact hours and 36 non-contact hours.

Intended for the serious yoga professional who aims to specialize in this area with greater knowledge and skill. This course is approved for continuing education credit with both Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is appropriate for those wishing to specialize in worth with populations experiencing chronic pain, joint conditions, and/or autoimmune diseases in setting such as senior centers, integrative health practices, conventional healthcare institutions, private practice, yoga studios, or community spaces.


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Price Increase on August 1, 2022 to $450/Installment

  • Installments

    There are three payment installments: $450/Level

  • How Much You Save

    Typically Level I Training costs $650, Level II costs $600 ($800 with Dr. Moonaz), and Level III costs $450. Enrolling in the 3 Level Bundle you save $400 total.

  • YFA Level I Training Options

    You have a choice of Online Self-Paced Level I training, Fall 2022 Live Online Level I training, or another Level I live training. Level I training offerings.

  • Time Frame to Complete

    You have 1-5 years to complete the Bundle Course. Level I is offered throughout each year; Level II is offered throughout each year; Level III is offered every other year (the next Level III is Fall 2023).

  • Canceling Policy

    If you choose to cancel midway through your Bundle Course there is a fee. For Example, if you cancel after Level I, you will owe the remaining $200 of the cost of Level I.

Course curriculum

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Level I Installment Price

3 Level Bundle Investment: $1,350