About Level II YFA Membership

Mentors provide an invaluable one on one learning experience to expand your skills as a teacher.

  • Training

    The Yoga for Arthritis mentorship program allows you to move into the field and apply the techniques you learned in YFA training with feedback.

  • Options

    Supervision must be with a Yoga for Arthritis Teacher Trainer and can take place in-person or remotely. Includes 40 hours of supervised teaching (to students with arthritis) including 6 hours of required mentoring. Alternatively, up to 10 of the 40 teaching hours can be completed through forging clinical relationships and/or writing up a case study/series (all of which will be mentored).

  • Teaching

    Mentoring will involve the YFA student planning and teaching classes and having the mentor observe and give feedback on the lesson plans and teaching to the student.


40 YA Credits - 40 IAYT Credits. 10 contact hours, 30 non-contact hours -in New York City, it can be completed as 40 contact hours.

Level II Mentorship Course Content

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    Welcome to YFA Level II (Mentorship Program)
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    • YFA Level II Mentorship Program Application
    • Mentorship Guidelines 2022
    • YFA Client Waiver
    • YFA Intake Form
    • YFA video photo release for taping classes form
    • YFA Level II Mentorship Hour Log
    • Class Assessment
    • Yoga as Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disorders
    • Guidelines to Online Yoga Therapy (Just an additional resource)

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