Fall 2022 Online Level I Training

September 13 - October 2, 2022

  • Prerequisite

    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Schedule

    Livestream Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8PM ET; Saturday & Sundays 10AM-2PM ET

  • Investment


YFA Level I Description

This Level I training is fully online with Dr. Moonaz. All sessions are on ZOOM: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8 PM ET; Saturday & Sundays from 10 AM - 2 PM ET

That being said, you will still be supported by Yoga for Arthritis faculty and staff throughout your journey. The program includes recorded lectures, slides, research articles, quizzes, reflection questions, activities, and assignments. You must complete all elements of the course to receive a certificate of completion and professional CEUs. After completing this Level I training, you are qualified to teach the evidence-based Yoga for Arthritis program in your community. Also, you will be eligible to continue toward Yoga for Arthritis certification, which includes Level II mentorship & Level III training, both available online. These steps are recommended for anyone wishing to specialize in work with this population, work with private clients, or provide Yoga for Arthritis in healthcare settings. 

Yoga for Arthritis was developed by yoga researcher and arthritis expert Steffany Moonaz, PhD, along with an interdisciplinary team, including rheumatologists, psychologists, public health researchers and yoga therapists. Combining ancient yoga practices with modern medical knowledge, this program offers modifications to address the unique abilities and limitations of persons with arthritis. In a 7-year randomized clinical trial at Johns Hopkins University, the program’s participation was associated with improved arthritis symptoms, physical fitness, psychological functioning and quality of life. Such evidence is vital for bridging the integrative yoga world with medical healthcare, making these practices more accessible to those who really need them.

This training program trains yoga teachers to safely and effectively impart rigorously researched yoga practices, with individually-tailored modifications, to those with arthritis and related conditions. As a result of taking this Yoga for Arthritis teacher training program, participants will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the most common arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, etc.
  • Understand joint anatomy and pathophysiology as related to arthritis in depth
  • Offer modifications for joint limitations and chronic pain
  • Teach Yoga for Arthritis classes in their communities
  • Work individually with arthritic clients of all ability levels

Training Information: 

This Level I training is fully online with Dr. Moonaz

The pre-course reading and digital materials are within the online course.

After completing this Level I training, you are qualified to teach the Yoga for Arthritis program. Also, you will be eligible to continue toward Yoga for Arthritis certification, which includes Level II mentorship & Level III training. 

Prerequisite: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training

CEU's - Yoga Alliance: 34 hrs (30 contacts; 4 non-contact); IAYT: 34 hours; Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA): can provide you a CE certificate with your program's total contact hours for a $10 fee (free for IYTA members); Integral Yoga 300-hour: 34 hours towards RYT 500 designation


  • Early Early Bird until July 1, 2022: $550
  • Early Bird until August 1, 2022: $600
  • Regular Pricing after August 1, 2022: $650

Date & Time:

  • September 13 - October 2, 2022
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8 PM ET
  • Saturdays & Sundays from 10 - 2 PM ET
  • Zoom

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Show details
    • Welcome Letter from Dr. Steffany Moonaz
    • Get to know Dr. Steffany Moonaz
    • YFA Level I Training Contact Sheet
    • 2022 Fall Level I Contact List
    • 2022 Fall Level I Objectives
    • Stay Connect with other Yoga for Arthritis Teachers & Members
    • Zoom Meeting Link
    • Fall 2022 YFA Level I Online Training Schedule
  • 02
    Course Materials
    Show details
    • Yoga for Arthritis Manuals
    • YFA Store Discount Code
    • Yoga Therapy for Arthritis Book
    • Arthritis Friendly Yoga Collection
    • Total Handouts List
    • Additional Reading Articles
    • Practice Lab Groups
    • Zoom Recordings
    • Yoga for Arthritis Chair Class
    • Yoga for Arthritis Hatha Class
    • Yoga for Arthritis NYC Class
    • Yoga for Arthritis Wall Class
  • 03
    Tuesday, September 13
    Show details
    • Tuesday, September 13 Schedule & Handouts
    • 9.13.22 Recording
  • 04
    Thursday, September 15
    Show details
    • Thursday, September 15 Schedule & Handouts
    • Thursday, September 15 Recording
  • 05
    Saturday, September 17
    Show details
    • Saturday, September 17 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 17 Recording
  • 06
    Sunday, September 18
    Show details
    • Sunday, September 18 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 18 Recording
  • 07
    Tuesday, September 20
    Show details
    • Tuesday, September 20 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 20 Recording
  • 08
    Thursday, September 22
    Show details
    • Thursday, September 22 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 22 Recording
  • 09
    Saturday, September 24
    Show details
    • Saturday, September 24 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 24 Recording
    • Yoga Nidra for Chronic Pain | 30 Minute Guided Meditation
  • 10
    Sunday, September 25
    Show details
    • Sunday, September 25 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 25 Recording
  • 11
    Tuesday, September 27
    Show details
    • Tuesday, September 27 Schedule & Handouts
    • September 27 Recording
  • 12
    Thursday, September 29
    Show details
    • Thursday, September 29 Schedule & Handouts
  • 13
    Saturday, October 1
    Show details
    • Saturday, October 1 Schedule & Handouts
  • 14
    Sunday, October 2
    Show details
    • Sunday, October 2 Schedule & Handouts
    • Online Level I Course Evaluation
  • 15
    Next Step in your Yoga for Arthritis Journey
    Show details
    • Next Step in your YFA Journey - Learn about Level II


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